Passionate About Our Industry

Zoe is a self confessed balloon addict, Certified Balloon Artist and the owner of JAZ Trading, a wholesale distributor of balloons and event decor in Queensland. 

"Coming from a family of artists and with a background in design and digital marketing, I've been influenced by many different mediums. My creative passion really came to life when I entered the balloon industry. It allowed me the opportunity to combine my love for colour, texture, movement, atmosphere and fun with another true love of mine – LEARNING and sharing that knowledge with others."

Zoe has facilitated classes and workshops for Pioneer Balloon
Australia, Pioneer Balloon Brasil & Mexico, the Balloon Artists and Suppliers Association of Australia, NSW, QLD and SA and runs regular classes in Queensland.

When she isn't thinking of new things to share, you will find Zoe
representing the balloon industry as a Director of the Pro Environment Balloon Alliance.

Zoe Adams Jones CBA

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Wedding Decor

with Sue Bowler

and Zoe AdamsJones

Monday, 17 August - 8.00am and 10.15am

Wedding Trends evolve year after year, one year's celebrations are distinctly different from the next. Although they change constantly, it's rare that a new trend actually replaces an old one. In fact, we like to think that each year only adds to the already-incredible roster of big-day ideas that exist, meaning the options available to brides AND grooms continue to grow larger and larger.


Sue and Zoe team up to show you how it is possible to inspire your customers with classic past trends that speak to them while infusing their event with of-the-moment touches.

Together they will create a collection of inspiring wedding designs that turn your customers 'want' into a desire or a need!

Design, Style, Shoot

How to Create Insta Worthy Images

Tuesday, 18 August - 8.00am

Are your graphics and images an extension of your business? Do they represent the love, passion, creativity and dedication you have for creating amazing décor and balloons for your customers? Do they represent the quality of your work?

Join Zoe to learn tips and tricks for taking great photos using your Smartphone. Work through editing tips with Zoe using apps on your phone or tablet and then to finish off, create a post using Canva.com, personalise your images to create engagement and add branding.

Creating Your Brand & Image 

Digital Marketing and Social Media

Tuesday, 18 August - 10.15am

Zoe shares the importance of connecting with your customers and being authentic – what creates connection online and how to maintain and nurture these relationships. She also works through specific ideas to use for content on Social Media.


In this class, Zoe asks a lot of thought provoking questions that
encourage you to take a self-reflective look at your branding and online persona.


Discover ideas on how to develop connection on social media and the importance of being authentic. You will take away lots of practical ideas for developing content for your social media profiles.