A Unique Style of Twisting & Decor

"The moment when I once and forever fell in love with balloons wasn’t actually so fun. I was ill for around a month and was spending my newly gained free time creating twisted figures as a gift for people around me. Soon I returned to normal life, but my passion for balloons had been sparked."


Through competing and winning in sculpture competitions at events like WBC, BACI, Moscow Balloon Convention to teaching around the world, balloons have taken Vadim to levels he never imagined.

In business, he specialises in children's birthday parties, corporate decor, and shopping mall decor - all of which have his unique brand of twisted greatness entwined!

He spends a lot of time doing kid's parties and giving workshops for young twisters, as he loves passing on his knowledge to others. "In my business, in my classes, in my sculptures, I keep trying to find new shapes, unique designs and the best techniques and easiest ways of working."

Vadim Shushkanov CBA

  • @vadim.shushkanov



Large Sculpture Frames
Monday, 17 August - 10.15am and 1.00pm

Discover the materials and methods used to create different structures and shapes.


Vadim will share his secrets for creating the hidden structures inside some of his best sculptures including what to use for stability and rigidity.

One Celebration, Different Designs

Combining Twisting and Decor

Tuesday, 18 August - 8.00am and 10.15am

What is the most important for every balloon artist? Creativity! 


Vadim will boost your imagination with simple ways to create different design options for the one celebration.


He will show new techniques that combine decor and twisted elements, creating spectacular options for your customers to choose from.

Make Your Delivery's Unique

Fresh Designs with Foil Balloons

Monday, 17 August - 3.15pm

How many new Qualatex foil balloon designs did we get from Pioneer this year? Keeping on trend and meeting the market means that we get new designs every quarter.


Every new design offers us a perfect opportunity to make unique offers to our customers.


Vadim will help you to fill your portfolio with stand-out delivery sculpture designs using the newest foil balloons.