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Trevor Timmers (Trev)

Originally starting in education I was introduced to balloons when I met my incredible wife Tam in 2011 and thought "that's a unique party trick". Five years after that and Tam had grown things from her hobby to a business to the point where she said "Trev, quit your job because your my new full time employee!"


Affectionately nicknamed Tam's balloon MacGyver, I love to make all of our design ideas possible no matter how big and crazy those ideas get.

Specialising in framing, rigging, linking balloons, wearable costumes and giant sculptures, I love making any design challenge possible.  I live to defy gravity and work side by side balloon twisting up a storm with my wife Tam everyday. 

Tam and Trev Timmers

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Tammie Timmers (Tam)

In 2011 I fell in love with the art of balloon twisting. With a background in graphic design, animation and all things arty, I finally found my favourite creative medium. I could get lost in my own imagination, in a world where there are endless possibilities. 

Excited by how the art of balloons brought joy to everyone around me, my little hobby developed into a business quicker than I ever expected. Seven years later, I'm working full time beside my favourite person in the whole world, Trevor. With mine and Trev's powers combined, we are always driven by the next creative challenge.

Specialising in custom balloon twisted characters, massive decor displays with big impact, wearable characters and wedding decor. Every day is always a blessing working beside my husband Trev.


Helping Your Imagination To Step Outside the Box
Monday, 17 August - 8.00am and 3.15am

In this hands-on class we will be combining different methods of double stuffing, twisting and organics, to give you the tools to create a magnificent Enchanted tree.


This design can be used to create epic event jaw droppers or scaled down for a fun birthday backdrop.

Bunnings tree.jpg
Stepping It Up From Your Stock-Standard Wearables
Monday, 17 August - 10.15am and 1.00pm

Bored of the same old wearable balloon costumes? This session will give you the flexibility and confidence to design and create your own detailed wearable balloon characters.

Teaching a variety of linking balloon techniques and adding twisted details, this session will really set your wearables apart from the rest.