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Passionate About Inspiring Others

With more than 25 years experience in the balloon industry, Sue’s ‘ballooning’ skills and knowledge has developed through a number of channels including running her own successful home based balloon decorating business, earning her Certified Balloon Artist designation, competing at industry events and subsequently going on to hold a number of other industry roles.

Sue now finds herself doing what she truly loves best and that is sharing her knowledge and passion for balloons and balloon art with others.

Sue currently works as an industry educator and social media columnist writing articles for ‘The Very Best Balloon Blog’ representing the Qualatex brand and Pioneer Balloon Company.

Sue’s variety of skills is extensive, her work ranges from elegant wedding decor to everyday delivery designs including highly sell-able small balloon sculptures!

Sue holds a host of industry awards including the first Golden Light Award given in honour of Linda Bruce at the World Balloon Convention

Sue Bowler CBA

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Wedding Decor

with Sue Bowler

and Zoe AdamsJones

Monday, 17 August - 8.00am and 10.15am

Wedding Trends evolve year after year, one year's celebrations are distinctly different from the next. Although they change constantly, it's rare that a new trend actually replaces an old one. In fact, we like to think that each year only adds to the already-incredible roster of big-day ideas that exist, meaning the options available to brides AND grooms continue to grow larger and larger.


Sue and Zoe team up to show you how it is possible to inspire your customers with classic past trends that speak to them while infusing their event with of-the-moment touches.

Together they will create a collection of inspiring wedding designs that turn your customers 'want' into a desire or a need!

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Ultimate Party Decor

Create the Event Decor for our Ultimate Party

Tuesday, 18 August - 1.00pm and 3.15pm

Our job as Event Decorators is to set the scene and create an exciting and fun atmosphere.


During these hands-on classes we will build a range of decor that will give the “wow” factor for our Ultimate Party on Tuesday night!


You will learn some exciting design ideas using fabulous techniques! This will be a great opportunity to create some insta-worthy designs that you can use to promote your business whilst also being a part of a build team for a big event. The experience that you get working on a large scale is invaluable.