Learn from the Queen of Ozzie Organics

Sarah's love for art and impatience for creating it lead her right into the hands of organic balloon designs. Her focus on colour and large scale installations has seen her business burst into the corporate event seen.


With over 5 year experience running a business that solely produces organic balloon decor Sarah will share with you the endless amount of tips and tricks she has leant along the way.

Sarah Courtney


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Creative Organic

Sarah will take you through a range of free form techniques she uses to create her small and large scale installations.


Taking the complexity out of it and going back to basics, Sarah will show you how to create art like pieces using shape and colour as the hero elements.


These eye-catching pieces can be adapted for any event, on any budget and in any space.

Monday, 17 August - 1.00pm and 3.15pm
Runway to Success

Create the Event Decor for our Ultimate Party

Tuesday, 18 August - 1.00pm and 3.15pm

At the core of Sarah’s Business is decorating for large scale corporate events. She is lucky enough to work with some of Australia’s biggest names in the event industry who are constantly pushing the boundaries to create new and exciting installations.


In this class you will work with Sarah to create a large scale piece to set the scene for the Ultimate Party. She will show you a range of techniques she uses to create large scale pieces within a short time frame pushing your business into a new area profitability. She will incorporate different mediums into the design to add the wow factor.