New Zealand

A True Balloonologist

My name is Pip (Pippity-Pop!).  I am one of New Zealand’s leading and most creative ‘Balloonologists’. 


I love challenging myself to create the most amazing and unique designs for my clients.


I work with an international film unit, creating a menagerie of complex balloon animal sculptures and associated props.  Through the magic of television, the balloon creations look like they are being twisted by a six foot gorilla.  Talk about exciting and entertaining work stories! Zoo Moo TV is viewed in over 30 countries.


I have lectured within New Zealand and have taught in Australia, The Netherlands, London, Florida, Las Vegas, Japan, and Kansas to feature in Balloon Magic – The Magazine

Pippity Pop

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Ms L.A. Tex Presents Balloons After Dark

R Rated Fun

Monday, 17 August - From 11.00pm

This ‘Hands On’ R18 class is not for the faint hearted.  Expect fun, laughter and balloon Designs of the ‘Blue’ Variety.  

Perfect for Hen’s Nights, Stag Do’s and After Dark Parties. 

Monday, 17 August - 10.15am and 1.00pm
Fun, Fast, Fab Designs
Twisters & Entertainers

When asking what do Balloon Twisting Artists most want to learn – the answer is nearly always “Great designs that we can make on site, at a party or an event” – then this ‘Hands On’ class is for you. 

I will teach plenty of time saving tips and super cute designs that you can use for Line Work through to Corporate Events.  

Fabulous Faces To Make Your Designs POP!

“Every artist was first an amateur”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

We all know Art Work can ‘make or break’ a design.  This ‘Hands On’ class will take your Art Work to the next level. 

Psssssssst – This super fun class is also going to have surprise award winning Guest Artists teaching. 

Tuesday, 18 August - 10.15am and 1.00pm
Twisters & Entertainers