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Magic Balloon Art

International award winning balloon artist Pieter van Engen has made a name for himself with his unique style of twisting and his modern and aesthetically pleasing balloon photography.


Pieter started his career as a musician by studying bass guitar at the Dutch Academy of Music; after his graduation he performed with several touring groups. In 2005 he visited the Millennium Jam in Belgium (his first balloon convention) and it changed his life. Although he continued to tour with music, he started performing balloon and magic shows as well. In the year 2010 Pieter stopped performing as a musician, and became a full-time balloon artist, entertainer, and innovator in the field of balloon modelling.


Pieter has won several prizes in balloon competitions and was awarded Ralph Dewey’s “Rising Star” Balloon Excellence Award in 2009.


His work is seen in magazines, instructional DVD’s, and books around the world, and he has taught classes all over Europe, Asia, and the USA.

Pieter van Engen CBA

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Advanced Flamingo & Birds

Intermediate to Advanced Twisters

This class leads students through a large detailed sculpture of a flamingo to dazzle customers and audiences. Due to the time and technique involved, Pieter recommends these sculptures be used for deliveries or special events.


This class features a hands on Flamingo with a faster approach of the body. An explanation of a advanced body concept and explanation of how to apply this to other kind of birds as well different kinds of shortcuts to make

creating flamingo’s faster

This is a hands-on class for intermediate and advanced twisters.

Monday, 17 August - 8.00am and 10.15am
Twisters & Entertainers
Toys for Boys

Rough and Tough Twisted Designs

Twisters & Entertainers
Tuesday, 18 August - 1.00pm & 3.15pm

So many balloon designs are sweet and adorable, but sometimes you need rough and tough!


This class covers useful figures for kids who don’t want cute and cuddly… Hands-on designs may include a race car, pirate ship, dinosaurs, medieval weapons, minions, and many more!