New South Wales

Matt Falloon & His Trained Balloons

Matt Falloon has been entertaining with balloons for two decades.

Although known throughout the community for his finger-busting designs, Matt’s philosophy when it comes to his balloons is entertainment first! With this in mind Matt has built a balloon show that has made him one of Sydney’s most unique and popular variety entertainers.

Matt is also popular as an international instructor, having taught all over Australia, as well as the USA, The Netherlands, England, New Zealand and Israel.

An innovator in the industry, Matt has designed and produced many new techniques, tools, and concepts that are now used the world over."

Matt Falloon

  • @MattsPureBalloonacy




Hands On Fun

Monday, 17 August - 3.15pm
Tuesday, 18 August - 3.15pm
Twisters & Entertainers

Create and discover new shapes out of your existing balloons with this new technique to create simple, cartoon characters. 

Frumpal Tortoise.jpg
Frumpal Kitty.jpg
Frumpal Otter.jpg
Assorted Frumpals.jpg

Interactive Balloon Toys

Monday, 17 August - 8.00am
Tuesday, 18 August - 1.00pm
Twisters & Entertainers

You knock em over, they bop right back up! Learn to make these interactive balloon toys using nothing but the equipment you already carry, as well as this super clever technique!