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Barry was introduced to balloon twisting in 1990. He began with simple one-balloon sculptures, that became a regular part of his birthday magic shows.


As he continued to develop his balloon twisting, he began a restaurant residency, working every week, twisting balloons for the customers. That restaurant residency has grown to three (3) restaurants every week. Barry organises a monthly jam for balloon twisters of all abilities, in Adelaide.


Barry has recently quit his day job, to work full-time as a balloon entertainer.


South Australia

Brendan Ord.jpg

Brendan Ord, AKA Mr Balloon Man is one of the co-founders of Oz Jam.


Brendan has taught ballooning both nationally and at international conventions. He is an award-winning artist with a huge passion for the industry.




Starting out as a circus artist almost 20 years ago, Charles quickly fell in love with balloon twisting and never looked back. 


Charles has worked on multiple film and TV sets, organised balloon world record attempts and large twisted/decor builds, including his team's recent award-winning 66 metres of rainbow garland held on poles during the Auckland Pride Parade.


New Zealand


Claire has been working full time as a balloon decorator for over 15 years and is a self proclaimed ‘training junkie’.

She has attended every World Balloon Convention, many Australia Balloon Conventions, Balloon Camp, Q-Tour and Ozjams.


Claire is an active participant in the industry, eager to share her passion and experience with others. She is currently a valued member of BASA VIC & NSW, Qualatex Balloon Network Sydney and PEBA.


New South Wales

Donna started in the entertaining business in 2012, as a face painter. After meeting a few people, she was in Brisbane and went to a local balloon jam and could see the potential to add this art to her business. Her daughter picked it up quickly, so she became her Twister until she finished school in 2016.


She has also added some balloon decorating and has attended a lot of training over the years, but Ozjam is by far the most exciting for her.


She enjoys meeting up with friends and making new ones and building a rapport with her peers in the industry. The organisers always make her feel welcome and supported, and everyone is always encouraging and positive.



Donna is a deco twister and entertainer from Tauranga on New Zealand’s North Island, establishing Donna Dancelot as a popular children’s entertainment business.

Donna loves OZ Jam and has been attending the convention since 2013. In 2015 she won the Jeff Hayes Scholarship and in 2015 and am excited to see who the wonderful recipient will be in 2020!

The things to love about OZ Jam! Balloons, amazing teachers, life-long friendships! Looking forward to meeting you all there.


New Zealand

Miss Donna has been twisting balloons since she was 13 years old and has won multiple international awards.


She has been a full-time balloon artist and entertainer for the last 13 years. During this time balloons have taken her all over the world in both performing and teaching the art of balloon twisting.


She is mostly recognised internationally for her achievements with balloon dresses.




Mr Jay has over 4 years’ experience with Balloons but with the guidance of Miss Donna has excelled into a very competent balloon artist.


He has now also both worked and competed internationally with balloons. 




Melinda King has been part of the OzJam family since 2014. Melinda says that OzJam has made the world of difference, and she went from being a basic balloon twister, to a twister who could make just about anything.


OzJam has also taught Melinda décor which she loves to add on to her services. But more than that, Melinda loves the friendships gained from attending OzJam more than anything!



From a child, Rosina O’Neill always loved to be in the middle of things.  It didn’t matter what was being asked her hand was always one of the first ones up.

She fell into the entertainment industry by mistake about 23 years ago when someone asked if she could face paint.  She said yes.  To her surprise she was booked for a shopping centre job, doing something she had never done before. So armed with a book and some face paint she began to teach herself to paint. 

Her business is growing in leaps and bounds. 4 vans, staff, a huge workshop, and a nice lot of work coming in. All because she said yes and then made it happen. 


Western Australia

Sonia from A Rainbow of Balloons loves making beautiful balloons. She also loves sharing her designs with others – through active participation in online balloon communities and teaching her original designs via her YouTube channel.


Living in the NT, she loves attending OzJam not only for gaining invaluable industry skills and knowledge - but to embrace new friendships and networking opportunities.


Northern Territory

Steph, The Balloon Lady, discovered Balloon Life in 2013 after her Face & Body Artist mum, Diane, gave her this life-changing advice;
"Why not become a Balloon Princess? After all, you've always been a Princess”.

After her first class, Steph was hooked on balloons & has attended every Oz Jam since, Twist & Shout 2018 & 2019, Balloon Camp & many other classes in Australia & the US.
She has competed internationally & placed 2nd in the Medium Sculpture Competition at Oz Jam 2018. Steph loves the networking, classes, competitions & the creative heaven which is Oz Jam!


New South Wales

Tegan Baylis director of 4Millie Entertainment is a Sydney based Face Painter and Balloon Twister. Tegan has a degree in Law, Business and a diploma in Legal Practice however decided to leave the corporate world to persue a career in the children’s entertainment industry. Tegan has been Twisting for 3 years and is known for her intricate balloon centrepieces, cute balloon designs and detailed balloon artwork.


Tegan is also known for running the popular Facebook group Inspiration to Twist which twisters from around the world participate in daily. Tegan has trained internationally and teaches both beginner/advanced balloon designs and centrepieces for the Australian Body Arts Award Conventions. Tegan has also collaborated with international artists providing artwork for bestselling tutorials.


New South Wales